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NETHERLANDS ANTILLES visa service & travel information

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES VISAS: The following nationals DO NOT require a visa: Netherlands born in Netherlands Antilles or Aruba
For stays of up to 3 months to nationals of: Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus( visa required if holding a certificate of Identity Issued by Government), Czech Rep, Denmark, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Grenada, Greece, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong (SAR), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland Rep, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea (South), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao (SAR), Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Uruguay, Vatican City, Venezuela & holders of British passports endorsed British Citizen, British Territories Overseas Citizen or British National (Overseas)
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES TRANSIT VISAS: Required by all except those entering via an international airport in Bonaire, Curacao or St. Martin and continuing their journey within 48 hours by the same means of transportation and holding tickets with reserved seats and documents for their onward journey
ETHERLANDS ANTILLES HEALTH: Compulsory vaccinations: Yellow fever certificate if arriving from infected areas.  Infants under 6 months are exempt.
Recommended immunisations: Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, TB, Tetanus & Typhoid.
Risks: Rabies.
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES WEATHER: The main islands of Curacao & Bonaire lie off the coast of Venezuela. They have a sunny, dry climate with high temperatures moderated by constant trade winds throughout the year. What little rain there is falls as short, sharp showers mainly between Oct-Jan. The other islands in this group, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten & Saba lie in the Leeward Islands with hot summers where sea breezes help to counterbalance the humidity. Winters are slightly cooler. Rain falls throughout the year, with a wetter period between May-Dec. Tropical storms & hurricanes can occur between Jul-Nov
Location of Netherlands Antilles: Caribbean
Local Time in Netherlands Antilles: GMT-4
Capital City of Netherlands Antilles: Willemstad
Population of Netherlands Antilles: 216,000
Language(s) spoken in Netherlands Antilles: Dutch, Papiamentu, English, Spanish
Dialling Code for Netherlands Antilles: 599
Emergency numbers in Netherlands Antilles: Police & Fire: 114. Ambulance: 112
Driving in Netherlands Antilles:
Curacao: Driving is on the right. National licence required. Minimum driving age is 18. Holders of Canadian, Dutch or United States National licences or International Driving Permit required
Electricity in Netherlands Antilles: 110/220V AC 50Hz (Curacao); 110/220V AC 60Hz (St. Maarten);127V AC 50Hz (Bonaire)
Currency of Netherlands Antilles: Netherlands Antilles Guilder or Florin (ANG 1 = 100 Cents)
Notes: ANG: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250
Coins: Cents: 1, 5, 10, 25, 100, 500
Opening Hours in Netherlands Antilles
0830-1130 & 1330-1630 Mon-Fri
Office: 0730-1200 & 1330-1630 Mon-Fri
Shops: 0800-1200 & 1400-1800 Mon-Sat
Hints in Netherlands Antilles: Business is conducted in Dutch and/or English. In some islands, executives also speak Spanish or French. On social occasions, be punctual and dress as for business meetings unless otherwise indicated. The minimum drinking age is 18 years
Tipping in Netherlands Antilles: 10% service charge is usually added to a restaurant bill, 12% to a hotel bill, plus a Government sales tax, additional tips are discretionary. Taxis are generally given 10% of the fare
Import Allowances in Netherlands Antilles: For persons of 17 years of age or older:
200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250gr of tobacco
2 lit of alcoholic beverages
250ml of perfume
Gifts up to a value of ANG 100
Prohibited/Restricted in Netherlands Antilles: Also in transit: Parrots, parakeets. Note: The importation of leather goods and souvenirs from Haiti is not advisable
Airports in Netherlands Antilles:
Bonaire Flamingo International (BON)
Curacao International (CUR)
Saint Eustatius F D Roosevelt (EUX)
St Maarten Princess Juliana Intl (SXM)



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